Monday, 11 April 2011

Curses! Why did I mention the sunshine?

Typical! Just when I shaved my legs, painted my toe nails and got out the summer clothes, sandals and handbag the heavens explode with a rainstorm, the temperature drops and the wind starts whistling! It must be my fault putting the kybosh on the summer sunshine! I am one of those people who takes a brolly but it doesn't rain and vice versa! It has brightened up a bit now but I bet the heating will be back on later!

I seem to have noticed my sons are growing up really quickly during this holiday. They are fighting less and Ciaran is less clingy and inclined to cry. They are not driving me mad and I can honestly say that I too am having some peace as they get on with each other or do their own thing in a mither-free way. I can actually read a chapter of a book without hearing Ciaran shout "mum!"

Also I am not having the usual trouble getting Ciaran to go to bed when it's still daylight! He is so worn out at the end of an action-packed day he is asking to go to bed and sleeping until about 8 a.m. (unheard of!) With all this peace and tranquility you would think I would be motivated to get stuck into the ironing pile generated from the holiday - maybe tomorrow!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunny Holidays!

I literally can't remember the last time sunshine and the school holidays coincided! It's brilliant! The kids are easier to entertain in fine weather which means I get more of  break too! It's also great not having any planning to do! Supply really is fab! After our short break to Center Parcs I am looking forward to some days out next week We will hammer our National Trust card as well as our Martin Mere card this week. Really well worth the money for those! We always have somewhere to go! Obviously my long-suffering hubby will be at work but the boys and I will picnic ourselves to death this week if the weather holds. Hopefully starting with Formby and the squirrels tomorrow!

Friday, 1 April 2011

School Holidays

For many teachers the holidays are the main reason why they teach! We seem to stumble from one holiday to the next in a frenzy. I can't believe it's six weeks since the last one! This is a strange holiday, however, our first ever spring break to not include Easter. Then we have a succession of bank holidays leaving us with only 7 days of April that we are actually in school for. That would thrill me ordinarily but being on supply means no holiday pay! Yikes! That means I have time on my hands but a tighter budget than ever! I am challenging myself to survive it in one piece. I suppose I stocked up on a full week last week to help me out a bit but still it will be tight!

Look out for me in the park a lot, using my Martin Mere and National Trust cards and generally being frugal! I will become quite good at frugality I think and get very obsessive. I might splash out on a trip to Alton Towers but only if I can get discounted entry tickets. I am already brilliant at mending clothes etc. and fortunately Ciaran is not on a growth spurt and Liam seems to be slowing down too!

I plan to have a hassle free fortnight in which everyone gets on with each other and we don't overspend! However, the best laid plans.........