Thursday, 30 June 2011

Liverpool kids

Really enjoying teaching music in 4 Liverpool schools 3 days a week! I have discovered that Liverpool kids are inherently musical (apart from the odd one or two) and very keen and willing to join in with most things I throw at them. Had a bunch of Y5 singing and dancing to Status Quo today! They were very shy at first but head banging by the end of the lesson! It's very tiring and physically demanding but I am loving this assignment! Samba is a bit of a nightmare because it's so loud and very distracting to the other classes in a primary school! I doubt I will make a habit of doing it but the teacher wants the class to do a piece for the leavers' service. I hope that doesn't mean that the audience will all leave with banging headaches! I went to bed when I got home on Tuesday with 2 anadin! The other awful thing is that opposite the school is a Next Clearance shop that I had to visit! Well, you can't not! Got a lovely dress for £12! I think it really suits me and I don't really do dresses. It should have been £45. I couldn't not buy it! I took a chance because they don't have fitting rooms. It looks ace and I am really chuffed. It was worth the headache!