Thursday, 1 September 2011

New term

The new term is upon us and I am raring to go after a restful summer off with the kids. A lovely week in Anglesey with enough sunshine for 2 days on the beach. Very unexpected for August in the U.K. but most welcome. My youngest son did some horse riding and decided to have some lessons for a birthday present. I have a feeling that it is going to cost me even more than the usual trip to Smyths but at least I haven't got even more toys than usual to tidy up!

Getting ready for going back to school is so much easier being on supply. No boring INSET days and no hours of planning to do. I just need to check my working clothes are pressed and my shoes are clean, basically. I have collected loads of worksheets during last year and don't need any more. The children are easy to sort this year as no new shoes needed. They got some in May for Ciaran's communion. Liam needed shirts and Ciaran hasn't grown out of last years uniform yet!

It's all going too well. I'm just waiting for the disaster to come now! I wonder what that might be and how much will it cost?