Friday, 1 April 2011

School Holidays

For many teachers the holidays are the main reason why they teach! We seem to stumble from one holiday to the next in a frenzy. I can't believe it's six weeks since the last one! This is a strange holiday, however, our first ever spring break to not include Easter. Then we have a succession of bank holidays leaving us with only 7 days of April that we are actually in school for. That would thrill me ordinarily but being on supply means no holiday pay! Yikes! That means I have time on my hands but a tighter budget than ever! I am challenging myself to survive it in one piece. I suppose I stocked up on a full week last week to help me out a bit but still it will be tight!

Look out for me in the park a lot, using my Martin Mere and National Trust cards and generally being frugal! I will become quite good at frugality I think and get very obsessive. I might splash out on a trip to Alton Towers but only if I can get discounted entry tickets. I am already brilliant at mending clothes etc. and fortunately Ciaran is not on a growth spurt and Liam seems to be slowing down too!

I plan to have a hassle free fortnight in which everyone gets on with each other and we don't overspend! However, the best laid plans.........

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