Monday, 23 May 2011


Today was a wild one in school! It wasn't just my class. Everyone said the same thing. I have a theory about windy days winding the kids up. Plus, wet lunchtime does not help! Also we are left with pathetic punishments like " Copy out of the dictionary!". In my day it was kneel on the coconut matting under the head's desk! I remember one teacher who used to put his giant set squares to good use. The offender had to wear them on his ears (always a bad boy!) and be paraded round the school for mass humiliation! The worst one was when the teacher lined us all up for the cane outside his room. I was last and had wet myself by the time it was my turn. Out they came one by one clutching their palms, faces grimacing in pain. I went in to discover it was a ploy and he only hit the desk! I am still traumatised to this day!

What about you? Any classic punishments inflicted on you that you would like to share?

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