Friday, 20 January 2012

January jaunts

January is a busy one for the supply tribe. The worst of the illnesses strike post Christmas and we deice our cars and get stuck in. I went to a new school on the limit of my area and loved it. Polite children, organised staff and a fun day was had by all. I love juniors and this was a junior school. The youngest were 7 and the oldest 11. They all have a sense of humour and know right from wrong. Just one poor kid with aspergers couldn't cope with a change to his routine. I felt sorry for him really, but we muddled through and by the end he was joining in with the others. The ice has melted now and it's wind and rain instead. Do I prefer ice? No, it's cheaper to heat the house on mild, wet days! Time to dig out the waterproof trousers methinks! You always get landed with playground duty on supply! TTFN!

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