Tuesday, 4 June 2013


It being the season for exams it puts me in mind of mine all those years ago. 30 years ago I had a geography exam and we were in one of the French classrooms supervised by Mr. Foster who later retired early, or was he pushed? Rumour has it he hit a kid and seeing as his nickname was Hitler I am not surprised by these rumours. The exam was set out with individual exam tables. You know the sort, very lightweight affairs which folded flat for easy storage. Well, half way through the exam I was busy orientating my ordnance survey map, like you do, when I spotted a boy behind me watching me closely. As I picked up my map and turned it clockwise he did the same. Unfortunately, he had also picked up the exam desk and him, the desk, the char, his water bottle and his pride clattered to the floor in an almighty crash bang wallop! Classic mayhem! It was hard to settle down after the laughter and Peter Foster nearly had a stroke with temper! I actually survived to pass with an A grade! Such fun! ( as Miranda's mother would say!)

Other exam memories are the one when I had 2 full packets of sugar free mints in and English exam and had the trots! In and out to the loo all morning. Passed with a C!

And having a May birthday led me to have exams on it. I had my French oral on my 16th, 18th and 21st birthdays. Now take you minds out of that sewer! I was a good Catholic girl!

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