Monday, 7 March 2011

Not All Schools are the Same

Had another interesting week in South Liverpool! What I have discovered is the following: You can tell which is the nearest supermarket to a school by the state of their P.E. equipment or their garden! Near to Tesco will provide you with a great stock of tennis balls. Near to Morrisons will provide you with a great garden! The voucher system is well used in primary schools and Tesco is for sporting equipment and Morrisons is for garden equipment! Schools with both nearby have a good mixture of both. The gardens are not always done by the kids though! That is a shame! Plus, to get a new football kit you need millions of vouchers! Hence the mass of tennis balls!

I have done some P.E. this week. I am no expert, trust me, but I can throw and catch. Not always a skill easily acquired without practice. Anything but football skills in South Liverpool seems like a waste of time to the kids! No wonder Ireland beat us in the cricket recently! The rounders match I organised was won half a rounder to zero. No-one hit the ball and some of the throwing and catching was awful!

I did mark a rather good piece of writing though, which cheered me up no end! Very imaginative if grammatically incorrect! What's a capital letter and a full stop only a way to stop the flow!

See you next time!

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